11 clever Craft beer inspired Father’s Day gift ideas

June 11, 2017

Father’s Day gift guide!

Whose your craft beer daddy? Every year certain holidays come around, and I feel like gift giving just gets harder. Especially for us would be Father’s Day. Some people will always be easier to buy for than others. As you probably already know, we are not conventional gift givers. Due to this fact I try to “one up” myself each year when it comes to shopping for my father. My dad is definitely a decisive shopper with tech savvy on his side. If he needs or wants something he puts in the research and he buys it. With amazon prime clicks away and strategic advertisements at an all time high, surprise and originality are fading elements in gifting. No dad would ever be mad at a 6-pack with a bow on it or a hand-made card, but year after year I like to spice it up. 

Last minute shopping?

Naturally being my father’s daughter, I too, research heavily before spending a dime and shop all year round. Can you relate to constantly planning and being uncomfortable with the unknown? Sometimes you still probably find yourself last-minute shopping on occasion. If fathers day 2017 is that particular case, and your dad, grandpa or husband is a craft beer snob…look no further! we have compiled some of the best craft beer inspired gift ideas to get you to think “outside the bottle” and get your dad to raise a glass! I would like to give a shout out to Craft Daddy Blogs for helping us select some of the best items on the market for any level of beer lover, from novice to connoisseur, no matter the size of your budget. I think we have let the beer chill long enough, so lets twist off and get into these gift ideas. Cheers!


1. A pack of bottle savers 

11 clever Craft beer inspired Father's Day gift ideas

Bottle savers seem like a novelty item that no man would use. you may get feedback such as ” who wouldn’t finish a beer?”. I can tell you from our first hand use that these little rubber caps make A HUGE DIFFERENCE. They truly seal the beer as if you never twisted off the original cap, storing the beer in the safety of your fridge. There are times when we both get home from a long day, crack open a beer and find ourselves falling asleep to the sound of Netflix series. Not finishing a beer is less offensive then pouring one down the drain?!! Not to mention, craft beer is expensive, so similar to a fine wine, they deserved to be savored as opposed to slammed. a 6 pack will set you back $9.99 and we purchased ours on amazon. Last minute shoppers can find them at: Bed Bath & Beyond, At Home, Trader Joes and World Market. 

2. Speigelau glassware 

11 clever Craft beer inspired Father's Day gift ideas

Fancy glassware for any connoisseur makes for an amazing gift. This tells your loved one that you recognize their class and want to help them up their beer snob game! For dana and I, investing in quality beer glasses has really helped add to our love and appreciation for already delicious craft beer. No one is pulling your finger when they say the shape, material and way you pour into these glasses truly impacts the taste of any craft beer! This kit gives you anywhere from 3-5 glasses depending on your budget, to hold any style of beer. Stout/porter, IPA, Pilsner and Wheat are the most common. We purchased one kit on amazon and another at Bed,Bed & Beyond; Rule of thumb is each glass is around $9.99. 

3. Novelty beer socks 

11 clever Craft beer inspired Father's Day gift ideas

11 clever Craft beer inspired Father's Day gift ideas

What dad doesn’t want to step up their style to their ever-so-popular “Dad Bod” by wearing some novelty socks! This is an inexpensive option that can be found anywhere. We have seen the trend and craze for quirky men’s accessories blowing up in stores everywhere. You can find beer socks at target, Meijer (where we purchased a pair ourselves) kohls, Walmart and of course on Amazon. ranging from $5.99- 19.99. As we all know men only fix what is broken, so holy or not they hold on to socks that have seen better days. This is a traditional gift for a reason! Along the same line would be a themed Novelty beer tie 


4. Beer shaving products

11 clever Craft beer inspired Father's Day gift ideas

With the beard craze these days, most dads are rocking both man buns and lumber jack chic. So naturally the uprise of brands boasting beer scented shaving products has jumped on the “craft wagon”. There are endless brands on both etsy, amazon and shockingly found at your local Walmart with quality shaving  that make any man want to shave while they sip some suds. We like the ones sold on the Etsy shop, SeekingACraft. The products are handmade in the USA and made to order. A fun way to spice up yet another traditional “Dad gift!”.  Products in the shop range from $14.99 – $99.99, depending on size of kit or product.

5. A beer holster 

11 clever Craft beer inspired Father's Day gift ideas

Do I even need to explain!?!? How could this get any cooler, if your dad or special guy loves beer and guns this holster fits the bill. Holstars are custom made in the USA of high quality, durable Full Grain saddle leather.
Holds: All 12oz. cans and bottles, some 16oz. ones depending on size.


6. A customer 6-pack in a DIY carrier 

11 clever Craft beer inspired Father's Day gift ideas

This idea is cute and perfect for last minute fathers day shoppers! If you click the link you can follow a Pinterest tutorial on creating a 6-pack carrier of your very own. If you don’t have time or means you can pick up a blank one at most craft stores (Michaels or hobby lobby)  or even Meijers. The most important step would be selecting single beers to create your own pack for him to try. Most specialty beer stores or larger grocery stores offer this option and it’s a fun way to break dad or your hubby out of his normal beer. What craft beer lover would not want beer as a gift!


7. Multi-tool w/ bottle opener 

11 clever Craft beer inspired Father's Day gift ideas


Dana and I LOVE this little guy. This is called the Gerber shard and doubles as a simple multi tool key chain and handy bottle opener. I know “Real men” use their teeth to open bottles…BUT if you want to save dad a trip to the dentist and add to his knife collection this works better. These can be found anywhere Gerber branded knives are sold; Walmart, Meijer, Dicks sporting goods, Gander mountain, hardware stores! I have seen them as low as $5.99 and we loved ours so much, we bought them for the groomsman of our wedding.

8.Tactical grilling apron

11 clever Craft beer inspired Father's Day gift ideas

I bought this for Dana years ago, and he thought it was badass (and cheesy) but that didn’t stop him from trying it on and showing everyone! If your dad happens to both be the grill master of your house as well as a craft beer lover this is perfect! This apron is flame resistant molle strapping and therefore is functional and versatile. You can weave a variety of attachments to use this from beer carriers to seasoning pouches.

9. YOpener bottle opener 

Image result for yopener

This gift idea is given by James, the daddy behind a fellow craft beer blog, http:www.craftdaddyblog.com   Heres what he had to say about this product: “I have yet to purchase a YOpener for myself, but I have seen them in action a number of times. They are one of the coolest bottle openers available. They are handmade from used bourbon and wine barrels. The YOpener preserves the bottle cap so you can add it to your Beer Cap Map and has a serrated edge to help with dispatching the wax from your next whale.” 

10. Beer Cap Map

Image result for beer cap map

“The Beer cap Map is the perfect item to spruce up your man cave. They look even cooler in person than they do on their website. The attention to detail for each map is second to none” – Craft Daddy blog

11. Beer subscription box 


Exclusive and Rare Beers from the World’s Best Brewers

The Rare Beer Club - 2 Bottles

$35.95 a month plus $14.00 S&H


  • Two, 750 ml bottles of hand-crafted, limited release, artisanal beers from two of the world’s best brewers. You’ll get two different beer styles, one bottle from each brewery.
  • Our Monthly Newsletter with detailed tasting notes, beer profiles, brewery histories, and suggested food pairings.

“The Beer of the month club is the top of the line when it comes to beer clubs. I have been a member of the Rare Beer Club in the past, which is their most exclusive club. Not only are you getting your hands on 750ml bottles that aren’t available to you, but you also have the choice of switching to a previously released beer if you don’t care for the style being released that month.”  -Craft Daddy Blog

Craft daddy blog recommendation:

Image result for craft daddy blog

” It’s time once again to celebrate dads. Father’s Day changed for me a little over two and half years ago when my son was born. After a bit of a scare and an emergency C-section, I got to hold my son for the first time skin to skin. That was the moment my heart grew twice the size! I told my baby boy all about what he meant to me and the things he had to look forward to. That moment in time meant the world to me and brings tears to my eyes as I reminisce on it. Today as I look at an almost three-year old, I wonder where time has gone. Another blink and I’ll be teaching him to drive.

I cherish the time I have with my son and sincerely hope our relationship only grows stronger as the years go by. Had no clue I could ever love him as much I love him. I hope all of you Craft Daddy’s have a great Father’s Day and to help with that, here are a few craft beer related items that are sure to please any craft beer fan. CHEERS!”  well spoken, and with that being said ideas, 9 through 11 are brought to you by one of the coolest craft daddy I know, other than Dana of course. 







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